As Christmas and New Year approaches, just wanted to share some resources I've come across in case they whet your mindfulness appetite! And following the metaphor of doors…..
Starting with the 'Science Door' - here is a brief article on Neuroscience and Meditation

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Next, through the 'Spirituality Door'  - there are a number of good Youtube videos by Tibetan Monk: Mingyur Rinpoche. He has become a much loved Meditation teacher and writer. In particular he is well known for his interest in Neuroscience and in his personal experience of having panic attacks as a teenager. Both of these topics appear in his book 'The Joy of Living' which is highly recommended. And here is Rinpoche leading a 15 minute mindfulness of body and space:

Next, through the 'Arts Door' if you are interested in exploring mindfulness through seeing, and through photography in particular, here is a thought provoking and accessible (you don't need to feel like you are a 'photographer') online Course in 'Contemplative Photography' or 'Miksang' with a Meditation teacher called Julie Einstein. Her Course runs for 6 weeks and is called 'Seeing Drala'
Next, in terms of 'mindfulness through a therapy door', there is a new very pluralistic, and practical book on mindfulness for therapists, by Meg Barker. The book is written in a way that makes it very useful not only for therapists but for anyone looking to understand mindfulness and find simple ways of offering it to others or exploring it for themselves.

And finally … if this is all feeling too confusing here is a very brief invitation from Jon Kabat Zinn to think about what mindfulness meditation is all about…. in 4 minutes!

Meanwhile I hope you have the chance for a break in the next few weeks, and look forward to meeting again soon in 2014.

All the best


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